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Interpreting your Body Fat %
[ Why body fat percentage? ]
Men Women
Competition Shape ("ripped") 3-6% 9-12%
Very Lean (excellent shape) < 9 % < 15 %
Lean (good shape) 10-14 % 16-20%
Average (fair shape) 15-19 % 21-25 %
Below Average (poor shape) 20-25 % 26-30 %
Needs Improvement (very poor shape) 26-30 % + 31-40 % +
1 . How many glasses of purified water do you drink a day?
2 . How many servings of vegetables and or salads do you eat a day?
3 . How many servings for fresh fruit do you eat a day?
4 . How often do you eat three meals and at least two snacks per day?
5 . How often do you eat processed food?
6 . How often do you eat fried, smoked or barbequed food?
7 . How many alcoholic beverages do you drink?
8 . How often do you consume essential fatty acids such as fish, flax seed or oil, hemp seed or oil or fish oil supplements?
9 . The food I eat is generally
10 . How much weight do you need to lose?
11 . How often do you do 30 minutes of weight-bearing exercises?
12 . How often do you do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise?
13 . How often do you participate in exercise that enhance flexibility ie. stretching, yoga, pilates etc.
14 . Do you take a good quality multivitamin-multimineral supplement?
15 . Do you take any additional antioxidants such as Vit C, E, grape extract, CoQ10, selenium etc?
16 . Do you use herbal supplements?
   Stress Level
17 . What level of stress do you feel you experience on an average day?
18 . How often do you get 8 or more hours of sleep each night?
19 . How often do you experience love and joy in your life?
20 . Do you smoke or are you exposed to second hand smoke?
21 . Do you use recreational drugs?
   Medical History
22 . How often do you have a bowel movement?
23 . How many immediate family members suffer from one or more of the following ailments: cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure?
24 . How many of the following conditions do you suffer from: cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, depression?
25 . How often are you exposed to heavy metals and or toxins from pesticides, herbicides, commercial household cleaners, lawn sprays, mercury in dental fillings etc.?

To be healthy, you should focus on body fat percentage, NOT body weight

-- Peter Pusitz