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Personalized Workout Of The Month Program

Each month you'll get a brand new workout program designed to burn away stubborn body fat, build targeted muscle and sky rocket your energy levels. Each workout builds on the progress from the previous month's program. Everything is covered for you - sets, reps, rest periods, exercises and descriptions. In addition you will also receive over 600 detailed video instructions on how to perform each exercise with perfect form.

Personalized Fat Loss, Muscle Building & Health Condition Specific Meal Plans

In order to maximize your fat loss, muscle building and health benefits from your workouts you need to feed your body the proper calories and nutrients. You will receive a fully personalized meal-by-meal eating plan with the exact foods to eat in the right amounts - all designed specifically for your body type, dietary requirements, food allergies and fitness goals. Your meal plan will also be personalized to accommodate many common diet restrictions such as no wheat, no dairy, no nuts, no meat, and no pork. In addition, you can also get a meal plan personalized to address many common health Muscle Building & Fat Loss Diet Plans conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, Crohns, estrogen imbalance, underactive thyroid and many more.

Personalized Fat Loss, Muscle Building & Health Condition Specific Supplement Guidelines

Supplements can be beneficial when addressing nutrient deficiencies and for convenience. You will receive personalized recommendations based upon your personal needs and goals. We do not sell supplements so you can be sure our recommendations are completely unbiased and based upon research proven results.

Personalized Goal Setting and Motivation Plans

Whether it be losing ten pounds of body fat, building a lean, muscular physique, increasing mobility and having more energy, earning a better living or having a more fulfilled, productive life there is something that each of us would like to achieve. In order to make your dream a reality you need the right tools. You will receive personalized goal setting and motivational tools to help you succeed- with your fitness, your nutrition and your quality of life.

Meet Your Coaches

The Members Only Coaching Club dues are very simple. First off, it's not some outrageous number like most nutritionists and personal trainers are charging their clients.

These days to hire a basic level personal trainer at the gym will run you at least $75 per hour.

And to get a custom nutrition program designed by a certified nutritionists can easily cost $200 or more.

But you won't have to pay anywhere near those numbers because you'll get access to the entire Members Only Coaching Club for just $47 for one full year. (That works out to less than .13 cents per day!)

And there are NO Contracts, NO Hidden Sign Up Fees, and you can cancel your membership at anytime.

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When you become a member right now - you will LOCK-IN the low rate of just $47/ year (even if the price goes up and new members pay more). You will benefit from something called "the grandfather clause." This means that after the charter membership phase is over, our membership rates will be going up and all new members will have to pay the new, higher membership fees. However, as a charter member, if you decide to renew your membership, you get to keep your low charter rates - FOR LIFE - as long as you remain a current member in good standing.

Get These Extra Bonuses For FREE
When You Join Today!

In addition to the personalized meal plans, hundreds of exercise programs and videos, coaching lessons, supplement recommendations, goal setting plan (plus much more) when you place your order today you'll also receive the following additional FREE BONUSES (valued at more than $100.00):

Bonus #1
Calorie Cycling For Incerible Fat Burning Results (value $29.95)

If you have ever wondered how some people are able to achieve low single digit body fat % in very little time then this is a must read for you. This ebook reveals the secrets behind "zig zag" dieting and calorie cycling once and for all. After reading this you will be able to start applying this little known technique IMMEDIATELY and start seeing the results in just days! This is the most powerful fat loss technique known and is guaranteed to rev-up even the most sluggish metabolism. This is the same technique that I have used to eliminate stubborn fat deposits (like love handle fat and lower abdominal fat or outer thigh flab). Make no mistake- if you are interested in fat loss then this ebook alone is worth the price of the entire system and the best part is I have done all the hard work for you!

Bonus #2
Foods That Burn Fat, Foods That Make You Fat, (value $19.95)

Despite what you may have heard before, all calories are NOT created equal. After years of trial and error I have discovered that some foods, while believed to be healthy are actually making you fatter by the day. Conversely, there exist certain foods that can actually speed up the fat loss process and the best part is these same foods will also dramatically improve your health.

In this report I will reveal the best foods to eat if your goal is maximum health & fat loss as well as those frequently consumed foods which destroy your health and make you fatter each time you eat them.

Bonus #3
Acid/Alkaline - What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You (value $19.95)

These days there is a LOT of talk about blood acid levels and the effect this has on your health, fitness and fat loss. This ebook breaks this complex matter down into an easy to read, easy to understand plan that will show you EXACTLY how you can quickly change your bodies ph level from acidic to alkaline using some simple (and inexpensive) foods and "supplements" that you probably already own.

You will also discover a FREE method to improving your ph that almost NOBODY knows. Your body's acid alkaline balance will have a very serious effect on your health. As a matter of fact an overly acidic ph can cause muscle loss, fat deposition, low energy and even cancer. This is information that everyone MUST know if you wish to become (and remain) lean and healthy.

Bonus #4
The 12 Healthiest Foods You Have NEVER Heard Of (value $14.97)

We all know that broccoli is good for us but surely there must be more to healthy eating than just broccoli? You're right. As a matter of fact, there are foods that are even better than broccoli! In this jam-packed report my nutritionists and I reveal the 12 healthiest foods on the planet.

These are the most nutrient dense foods in existence and adding just ONE of these to your diet can have a huge impact on your overall health. We combed through all the research and discovered 12 powerful and exotic foods that are proven to improve your health, body composition, immune system and energy levels. And the best thing is you can find these at your local grocery and/or health food store!

Bonus #5
Meditation Made Easy - 5 EASY Minutes To Cortisol Control (value $19.99)

For many folks the word meditation conjures up images of monks chanting by candlelight! However if you believe this you are missing out on what is perhaps the single most powerful (and easy) life transforming technique known to man.

For centuries the wisest (and healthiest) people on the planet have been using this technique to manifest abundant health, happiness and success in every area of their lives.

In this ebook you will discover the long hidden benefits of this peaceful practice including the effect meditation has on the powerful hormones DHEA and Cortisol which have a profound effect on your health and body composition. After reading this you will be able to effectively meditate anywhere, anytime. This is a life changing ebook and it is yours FREE with the purchase of the Ebodi Coaching System.

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We guarantee you will see measurable changes in your body and your health. By taking action and following the coaching that you will receive you will sculpt lean, strong muscle, burn off stubborn body fat and improve your health and energy levels.

You are invited to preview the membership site for 60 days during this no-risk trial. If you don't start to see positive changes in your life with the information you are provided then we will refund every penny you invested into your membership, no questions asked.

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