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Success Stories

Jackie lost inches off her stomach and has energy to spare!

Using your system has been a great learning experience. Before I started with your program I was in what most people would call “O.K. shape” but I was not very happy with myself. My previous “high carb- no fat” diet left me sluggish, water retentive and with very dry skin. After only 4 weeks using your system I had energy to spare and my skin was glowing! Following 12 weeks on the system I had achieved all of my fitness goals and feel much healthier.
Thank you very much!

- Jackie T, Mississauga

ebodi is Jen’s secret weapon…

With an upcoming photo shoot I had to lean down – fast. I followed your fat loss meal plan combined with the fat loss training program. I also incorporated your supplement recommendations. I think the results speak for themselves! I now recommend this program to all of my friends and clients.

- Jen B, Ontario




Susan lost 30 inches and 25 pounds of FAT!

I am writing you to tell you how much this experience has affected my life. At first I was scared of all the changes I needed to make, but your ebodi system offered so much support that I didn't feel alone. With your help I was motivated to alter my lifestyle and as a result enhance the quality of my life. I have learned the power of setting a goal and the satisfaction that comes with achieving it. I have lost more than 25 pounds of FAT and over 30 inches to my body! I now believe that you have the control over your well-being and when you eat right and look after yourself you gain control over the other areas of your life as well. Thank you Bruce!

- Susan M, Toronto


Tony has lost more than 60 inches!

I do not normally write to talk about anything but I had to let you know what has happened to me as a result of following your program. I DID IT!! I have lost my huge “spare tire” and I feel so great! My energy levels have increased dramatically and my confidence has soared! I found your “health condition” meal plans to be particularly useful for my arthritis. What a great resource!

- Tony D. Toronto



Paul had to “put the brakes on” because he didn’t want to get a new wardrobe…again.

Thanks for your help and guidance. Because of you I have gotten into the best shape of my life and I look forward to any opportunity to take off my shirt! Your training programs kept me challenged while your meal plans kept me fueled!

- Paul B, Montreal




Ryan says ebodi is the BEST…

I am transforming my body and my energy is like it was back in high school! ebodi is the best program I have ever tried. I spent more than $1600 working with a trainer last year and I got way better results from using your program than I did from working with my trainer.

- Ryan P., Mississauga



I don’t just own the company- I use it too!

I have developed the ebodi system over years of research in conjunction with the industry’s top experts. I was the very first customer and as you can see I got amazing results!

- Bruce Krahn




61 years old and in the best shape of his life…

Bruce- Your ebodi online personal trainer system has shown me how to lift weights and strengthen my muscles. I am able to do more push-ups now than my son! And I am 61 years old! Thanks be to you for your help with my diet which is the part I struggle with the most. I enjoy the variety of recipes you have created as this makes eating much more enjoyable. I will remain a customer for life.

- Zdenek H.



Joyce is a new woman!

Not long ago I found myself in a real ugly place in my life.  Years of emotional stress, physical strain and personal neglect slowly resulted in a painful body which consumed my every minute of every day to the point that the simplest daily activities were impossible.  In fact, I got to the point where I could not get out of bed and did not want to get out of bed.  I exhausted every desperate measure for some form of relief.  Finally, I turned to your web based ebodi solution for one more try.

In such a short time I find myself pain free, medication free, getting healthy and stronger, feeling great and living again.  I really believe that consistency has made a big difference in my results.  I am able to do the simplest daily activities and not bat an eye.  I look different, I have tremendous energy and more importantly I feel fantastic.  The feeling of well being is sometimes overwhelming!

- Joyce C, Oakville

Edwina lost 50 pounds in only 4 months!

Using the  recommendations found in my ebodi coaching system Edwina was able to completely transform her body and health.


Mike lost 35 pounds of fat and gained 15 pounds of muscle

I trained Mike using my ebodi system and his transformation has been incredible



Dear Bruce,

I can’t tell you how much I love the ebodi meal plan. I haven’t felt this good in a long time!!

Thank you,
Karen C. Toronto, ON

Hi Bruce,

I am currently following your program and I was shocked this morning that I first weighed myself on January 2nd and I was 180 pounds and today (January 8) I was 172!

Phil O. Toronto


I just wanted you to know that I found your program literally 'by chance' and it has transformed my life!!  I am the picture of health these days and I feel like I have YOU to thank!

Robyn M


Your program really works and I loved your book.


I have to tell you, I am 60 years old and I have never eaten better in my life.  I have struggled constantly with my weight, having lost over 100 pounds several times only to begin putting the weight back on the day I reached my goal. I never understood what was happening to my system until I bought your system and spent several weeks just reading and re-reading it until I was ready to begin.  I lost 6 pounds the first week and 6 pounds on the second week. Most importantly, aside from the weight loss, I am never hungry and I want to eat this way for the rest of my life.

Brenda H

Hi Bruce
I am happy to report that in this first week I weighed myself on Saturday and I had lost 5 lbs!

Alina L